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Steering wheel

Steering wheel
  • Quality and stability : the whole process of quality control , nuanced , full testing !
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Tel 0591-22785555
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Product Description

黄色电影网站Our parent company,Fujian Jingwei Conglomerate is a comprehensive super group.It engages in multi-industry fields including textile、chemical fiber、steel、real estate、dock,service trade and finance、Yearly output value reaches RMB 20 billion.

黄色电影网站Located in Qingkou automobile town of Fujian Auto Industry Base City. Invested RMB 0.15 billion.

Output plan of the first stage is 6K Tons of Al Die castings and 2K tons of Mg die castings. It covers the fields such as 3C,notebook, communication, consumered electronics,automobile,householding,and so on.

Imported first-rate equipments such as Buhler(Switzerland)、 JSW(Japan)、IDRA brand (Italia )Mg die casitng machines, Japan Brother CNC mahines and auto painting lines.

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